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Magnetic field info in realtime

From below you can determine if feeling bad may be induced by any of the components of the electromagnetic weather. We also appreciate finding out about your experiences during magnetic storm days.
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Situation today

Sun's X-rays

Earth's geomagnetic field


Sun's X-ray flux is calm
(< 1.00e-6 W/m^2)
geomagnetic field is quiet
(Kp < 4)
Sun's X-ray flux is active
(>= 1.00e-6 W/m^2)
Geomagnetic field is restless
M-class solar flare has taken place
(>= 1.00e-5 W/m^2)
There's a geomagnetic storm
X-class solar flare has taken place
(>= 1.00e-4 W/m^2)
unprecedented X-ray event
(>= 1.00e-3 W/m^2)
once in 150 yrs


Earth's magnetic field fluctuations (KP-index), 3 day trend
Characterizes the intensity of the fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field. KP 5 qualifies as a magnetic storm. But magnetically sensitive people may feel alterations in their well-being already at KP 3-4. One bar describes 3 hr average.


magnetic storm in red (KP5-9)
restless magnetic field in yellow (KP4)
, calm magnetic field in green (KP1-3)


Earth's magnetic field today (Nurmijärvi)
In case of restless magnetic field, sudden spikes and "vibrations" appear in the magnetic field. These are induced by coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the Sun. Human well being may be affected by magnetic spikes and vibrations. In nanoTeslas; UT - universal time.

Observation point: Nurmijärvi magnetic observatory


In comparison: a typical day with calm magnetic field. The fluctuation remains within 40nT, which takes place slowly, as the planet rotates; the lowest point at 12:00. In comparison: a day with restless magnetic field (magnetic storm). The amplitude between upper and lower peak is larger than normal daily fluctuation. Changes in magnetic field happen abruptly.



Sun's X-ray bursts, 3 day trend
Accompanied by coronal mass ejections (CMEs). CMEs, if directed towards Earth, will generate a magnetic storm about 2 days later. Some people have reported being sensitive to Sun's X-ray bursts.


In comparison: calm period for 3 days In comparison: restless period for 3 days



Pulsations in Earth's magnetic field, last 11 hrs

Observation point: Kiruna's manetic observatory



In comparison: calm geomagnetic field 12.02.14 In comparison: active geomagnetic field 16.02.14 from 00 to 02 hrs

Sun's activity, last year
(no of sunspots, solar wind, Earth's geomagnetic activity)


Auroral oval, now
The effect of solar wind on Earth's magnetic field also determines the area where northern lights can be seen (red and yellow). The greater and more red the oval, the more active geomagnetic field.


In comparison:
a day with calm magnetic field;
a day with active magnetic field


Solar wind now
The speed and intensity of the solar wind are characterizing the pressure the Earth is exposed to. This in turn reflects whether the magnetic field is calm or active.

Explanation of Real-Time Solar Wind data dials

Solar wind, 6d trend


Sun's microwave radiation reaching Earth's surface

Observation point: Nyobeyama Japan


Microwave picture Sun 17GHz

Observation point: Nyobeyama Japan



NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center

NOAA/SWPC Real-time Monitor Displays
Nurmijärven magneettikenttä

Nobeyama Radio Polarimeters Latest Light Curves (Sun at 1,2,4,9,17GHz)
Jan Alvestad - Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Swedish Institute of Space Physics - Kiruna magnetogram


Other parameters

GOES Proton Flux  3-days
GOES Electron Flux  3-days

ACE Low Energy Electrons & Protons 3-days, 7-days
ACE High Energy Protons 3-days, 7-days
ACE Solar Wind Plasma 3-days, 7-days
FMI Magnetic field Tartu 1-day, 7-days

FMI Magnetic field Nurmijärvi 1-day, 7-days

INTERMAGNET Magnetig Field Uppsala 1-day

Kiruna/Lycksele realtime riometer data

Nobeyama Radio Observatory (Japan) - Radioheliograph

Геомагнитная обстановка - Gismeteo.RU

On-line tests

How sensitive am I to electromagnetic fields
This questionnaire helps in determining your sensitivity to mobile phones, WiFi etc. 20min.

Magnetic storm questionnaire
Leave your e-mail and we'll send you a questionnaire after the magnetic storm. The results will be analyzed by scientists. You will receive feedback after the study has concluded. Respondent will know how greatly he/she is affected by magnetic storms.