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Risk management of electromagnetic fields

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As from July 2016 a new occupational electromagnetic fields decree became into effect, which the companies are expected to comply with. How the safety actually is managed – is revealed by this questionnaire. The electromagnetic fields are propagated by all electric devices and in some instances may pose a health risk. Filling out the questionnaire, provides an overview of 1) what is expected from the safety management of electromagnetic fields and 2) what are means of reducing electromagnetic fields exposure at workplaces.

The questionnaire can be filled out anonymously. Your responses are only used to draw scientific conclusions and will not be forwarded to anyone outside the research group.

I m thankful if you spend about 5 min to fill out this questionnaire. From my behalf I m ready to answer your possible questions in this area of expertise.

Tarmo Koppel, electromagnetic fields consultant and lecturer
Tallinn University of Technology
E-mail: tarmo.koppel@ttu.ee
Tel.: 56560830
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